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Excellent work, super fast, super quality and understood the brief perfectly!



 Coding, practical, easy and safe.

You’re always in control of the code indexed by the software, since authentication and authorization are built into it and no outside traffic or IP whitelisting is required. It can be deployed in the cloud or wherever you are, keeping your code private and isolated from outside traffic.

 20  AUG

Streamline team onboardings

Being able to free dive into repositories without help, shortens learning curves within a project for new developers without the need to contact other team members or leaders with full agendas, saving everybody’s time in the process.

Legacy code control

Semantic Search allows developers to find and reuse existing legacy code encouraging a higher quality of software development, at the same time, Automatic software documentation promotes sustainable code for the future.

Speeding up the process

Writing code faster with fewer keystrokes result in saving time.


Minimizing writing mistake

Reduces typos, bad variable names, functions, and incorrect punctuation

Cohesive code writing

Enhances consistency and compatibility by generating methods or code suggestions based on the existing code and development style

Automatic Code Documentation

At the very least, documenting code is tedious, rarely done and if so hardly ever updated, which leads to poor code quality.
Automatic documentation transforms code into natural language with two clicks, with descriptions in natural language of what the code functionality is.

 15  AUG

Our Users Say It Best

A great tool to understand different codes and older projects. It also helped us to speed up onboarding processes and train junior developers.

Semantic Code Search
The bigger the project gets, the harder it is to find the right information from repositories.Our tool, trained with your own code, retrieves the data so developers can explore every repository available easily and rapidly to get what they need, accessing from the Web App or directly from the IDE.

Understanding the code

Developer’s don’t need to know keywords or name functions, just by asking a question in natural language they get a code snippet.

Experiencing agile onboardings

Devs can free-dive into all the existing repositories, discovering by themselves the relationships between the code and concepts of a programming language, saving training times.

Discovering when to refactor and repurpose

This tool can help devs see where there is duplicated code or, built around the same functionality, rapidly.

Hassle-free compliance

Simply adding inline comments to the code and ensuring everything is compliant and sustainable, leads to an increase in coverage code documentation.

Applying best legacy code practices

Code documentation benefits the devs future selves and the team, making legacy code easy to manage, helping them to assess the quality of the software, and hence improving the code’s health

Standardizing documentation

Homogenizing in a practical, simple and common way how code documentation is written, makes it easier to consume.


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